July 31, 2019

Hogwarts House Colors Cozy

Hello, Hookers!


For my first pattern, I thought I would make it Harry Potter themed. Potterhead for life! 

This is a very simple pattern that can be completed in less than an hour. Perfect for last a minute gift.  

Just to refresh your memory, here are the colors of each house: Gryffindor: red and gold. Hufflepuff: yellow and black. Ravenclaw (Book)blue and bronzeRavenclaw (Movie): blue and graySlytherin: green and silver.

  • 5 mm, Size H crochet hook - My Harry Potter hook is from - HarperBabyHooks
  • Any Worsted weight yarn. I used the yarns listed below. ⬇️
  • Hobby Lobby's yarn brand, I Love This Yarn 
  • Yarn Bee  Soft Secret Yarn 
  • Tapestry Needle 
  • Scissors
ch- chain stitch
slp- slip
hdc- half double crochet
sc- single crochet

Colors used

Gryffindor: I Love This Yarn - Cranberry. Soft Secret - Honey.
Hufflepuff: I Love This Yarn - Yellow. Soft Secret - Black.

Ravenclaw (Book): I Love This Yarn - NavySoft Secret - Cognac. 
Ravenclaw (Movie): I Love This Yarn - NavySoft Secret - Smoke.

Slytherin: I Love This Yarn - ForestSoft Secret - Fog.


  • Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • For the first row, I work in the back bar of the chain because I like the finished look. But you can work in any loop of the chain you prefer.
  • You don’t need to fasten off yarn at the end of each row, just carry up from the previous row. You will only be able to see where the yarn carries up on the inside of the cozy.
  • Cozy measurements: Approximately 4'' wide and height is approximately 3'' when laid flat.

Hooks at the Ready!

Cozy Pattern:

With I Love This Yarn Chain 29, join with a slip stitch (Make sure not to twist the chain)
Row1: Ch 1 Working in the back bar of the chain and Starting in the same stitch as the ch 1, Sc in each ch, join, ch 1. (29 sc)
Row2: 1Hdc in each stitch, join, ch 1. (29 hdc)
Row3: Hdc in each stitch, on the last hdc attach Soft Secret join, ch 1. (29 hdc)

Row 4: With Soft Secret Hdc in each stitch, on the last hdc attach  I Love This Yarn join, ch 1. (29 hdc)

Row 5With I Love This Yarn Hdc in each stitch, on the last hdc attach Soft Secret join, ch 1. (29 hdc)
Row 6With Soft Secret Hdc in each stitch, on the last hdc attach  I Love This Yarn join, ch 1. Fasten off Soft Secret. (29 hdc)
Row 7: With I Love This Yarn Hdc in each stitch,  join, ch 1. (29 hdc)
Row 8Hdc in each stitch,  join, ch 1. (29 hdc)
Row 9Sc in each stitch,  join. Fasten off, weave in ends. (29 sc)

I would love to see your finished cozies. Please share a photo! Don't forget to tag @crochetbysarahlouise and use hashtags (#crochetbysarahlouise, #cbslpatterns, #crochetwithsarah)

***You may make and sell products from this pattern but if you do I ask that you add a link to my post. Please do not copy or post this pattern or photos as your own.

Finished cozies are available in my Etsy shop! ~ Hogwarts House Colors Cozy